Going virtual, winning gold

Many years ago I predicted that Chiumento would eventually become a virtual business. I’m not sure many believed me – except, thankfully, our Chairman. Back then we had three offices. And nobody believed you could successfully run a “people business” without them. Indeed, I recall some saying we needed more locations, not less. After all, Read more about Going virtual, winning gold[…]


Management or leadership? Four words that will help you decide.

I often get asked what’s the difference between management and leadership. For me each is characterised by just four words. You can spot a manager a mile off because they operate through the four P’s – Position, Power, Policy and Procedure. Managers rely on organisation charts and structures for their authority. They’re the boss because Read more about Management or leadership? Four words that will help you decide.[…]


Leaders beware, there’s a mole coming…

In 2014 I had a new lawn laid. Not just some grass. A proper lawn. No expense was spared in preparing the ground and laying top grade turf. The sort of stuff they use for bowling and putting greens. It looked amazing. To keep it that way I embarked on a lawn care strategy. One Read more about Leaders beware, there’s a mole coming…[…]