How has technology changed the world of outplacement?

The world isn’t changing – it has changed.  The advancements in technology over the past 20-30 years have revolutionised our world and impacted every part of our lives.  Things that would have been science fiction to past generations are now science fact. Most people carry in their pocket a device with more computing power than Read more about How has technology changed the world of outplacement?[…]


Retail crisis – the elephant in the room?

  As the CEO of a business that specialises in helping people facing redundancy, I’ve been taking a close interest in the unfolding retail crisis. Just today we’ve seen House of Fraser announce the potential closure of 31 stores with the loss of up to 6,000 jobs. And that was followed by news that Poundworld Read more about Retail crisis – the elephant in the room?[…]


Outplacement is free – isn’t it?

Outplacement is one of the few benefits that employers can give out without creating a tax liability. Which is great news as when you’ve just been made redundant money is usually one of your biggest worries. However, is outplacement really free? From an employer’s point of view, it isn’t. In almost every case it will Read more about Outplacement is free – isn’t it?[…]


How to manage a remote team.

Since we moved to a virtual working model in 2016 the question I get asked the most is, ‘how do you manage people when they’re spread all over the country?’  And it’s a valid question, and one that will no doubt be asked of leaders more often in the future, as more organisations implement remote Read more about How to manage a remote team.[…]


Thinking about working from home? Six things to consider

Chiumento is a ‘virtually virtual’ business. Over 80% of our team now work permanently from home and that will increase further in the months ahead. Much has already been said about the benefits of a virtual business. For example, one of our team recently wrote a blog explaining the difference it has made to her Read more about Thinking about working from home? Six things to consider[…]


The jobs that just disappeared – Will yours be next?

When I was a child in the late 60’s there weren’t that many cars parked on our street. Few people had one. We lived at No.13 and we were the first house with a car. The next was way up at No.29. What there were though were no less than three TV repair vans sporting Read more about The jobs that just disappeared – Will yours be next?[…]

Alien UFO saucer

Are you disaster proof?

Last week our virtual working set up came into its own, and really highlighted to me not only the additional benefits of having our entire workforce able to work from anywhere at the drop of a hat, but that when it’s put to the test.  It works.  Although 80% of our staff permanently work remotely Read more about Are you disaster proof?[…]


Brexit: time to take work to talent, not bring talent to work?

I have had some very interesting discussions this week around the potential implications of Brexit on the supply of talent to UK businesses. There are certainly a lot of nervous companies out there anxiously waiting to hear the implications for both EU citizens already working in the UK and individuals who might want to come Read more about Brexit: time to take work to talent, not bring talent to work?[…]