Most common hiring mistakes

Guest blog: Ashley Lipman The hiring process can be arduous and costly from start to finish. Many Human Resources professionals thrive on the process, while others dread it entirely and prefer to focus on current employees rather than interviewing new ones. There are numerous factors that contribute to making mistakes during the hiring process, which Read more about Most common hiring mistakes[…]


Contingency recruitment: the real ‘mad men’?

I’ve recently been following a thread on LinkedIn. It questions whether it is fair for recruitment agencies to be asked to give 100% rebates when candidates don’t work out. The argument broadly being that the client has had a big part in selection, so why should the agency take the full hit when it doesn’t Read more about Contingency recruitment: the real ‘mad men’?[…]


Top 3 tips to survive when hiring decisions dry up

I’ve spoken to a number of senior execs over the last few weeks and they’ve all told me the same thing. Hiring decisions have slowed dramatically. Things seem to be following a typical pattern, during times of uncertainty things slow down. More than a year on and Brexit, in whatever form it takes, is with Read more about Top 3 tips to survive when hiring decisions dry up[…]


Going virtual, winning gold

Many years ago I predicted that Chiumento would eventually become a virtual business. I’m not sure many believed me – except, thankfully, our Chairman. Back then we had three offices. And nobody believed you could successfully run a “people business” without them. Indeed, I recall some saying we needed more locations, not less. After all, Read more about Going virtual, winning gold[…]


5 quick tips for the January jobseeker

It’s the first working day of the year for many of us. And I suspect it will seem like hard work. After a fun break with friends and family, today we hit the “real world” head on. Whether it’s the realisation of just how much you really did spend on your credit card or the Read more about 5 quick tips for the January jobseeker[…]

Wake up to the new world of work

The post-recession economy has spawned a new world of work. The roots of this revolution go back several decades but it took the catalyst of a serious downturn to really accelerate the changes. In the past fortnight I’ve seen a whole range of articles and white papers that have touched on the issues involved. What’s Read more about Wake up to the new world of work[…]

HR recruitment market polarises

This month we’ve been working on our candidate attraction strategy for 2013. In doing so we’ve looked long and hard at what is going on in the HR jobs market and spotted some key trends. The most interesting of which is how in-house recruiters and agencies appear to be adopting polar opposite approaches to sourcing Read more about HR recruitment market polarises[…]