How to stay productive in the heat….

The sun is shining and for once it seems that Mother Nature is listening to the calendar and we’re getting a bit of a summer (fingers crossed I’ve not jinxed it now). The sun works wonders, puts a spring in your step, a smile on your face… That is until you’re sat at a desk Read more about How to stay productive in the heat….[…]


How to deal with being made redundant…

Being made redundant, whether you’re expecting it or not can be a testing time. It can knock your confidence and be emotionally overwhelming. While it is never easy, there are things you can do to help ease the process. Don’t take it personally – while it’s hard not to take it as a personal insult, Read more about How to deal with being made redundant…[…]


Making first impressions count

Making first impressions count is vital when looking for a new role. Before they meet you most employers will take have built a picture of you from a variety of sources. They will have looked at your CV and probably your LinkedIn profile. They may have received a summary from a recruitment agent.  Of course Read more about Making first impressions count[…]