The Chiumento Culture Matrix, developed and grew out of our work in helping organisations be both high performing and values driven

It recognises that high performance isn’t just about outcomes - 'the what' - but also about 'how' those results are achieved. Inspired by real-life events, we increasingly recognised that behaviours are as important to organisational reputation and long term results as skills and knowledge.

The example we often use is visiting a restaurant. Read through TripAdvisor and many of the negative comments received are often as much about the behaviours of the front of house team as they are about the skills of the chef. Indeed, our own research with Academy delegates suggests customers are far more likely to return a restaurant that delivers great service and poor food than one that delivers great food but poor customer experience.

Putting the matrix in practice

Helping top teams to evaluate whether the organisation actually lives up to the values it aspires to – and the consequences of failing to address poor behaviour.
Team Mapping
Helping leaders to map their teams and identify the true organisational value of individuals
Performance Management
As the basis for a highly visual and simple performance management system and development needs analysis.
Targeted reward
To build a more targeted reward model that links pay, bonuses and commissions to behaviours as well as results.