"Critical conversations are not inherently negative"

They can be as much about praising a star as addressing under-performers.

Full day course
Suitable for all people managers
Practicle exercises and role play

What is a critical conversation?

Any workplace interaction that is designed to have a measurable impact on the motivation, engagement, behaviour or performance of another person. Critical conversations can be had with employees, managers, leaders or co-workers. They are as much about “managing up” as they are “directing down”.

Part of our management development programme, the Chiumento Academy this module is aimed at leaders and managers who want to create a working environment where effective critical conversations can take place. This course will addresses the culture and environment that organisations need to create to make effective critical conversations possible. Providing practical skills and techniques that can be applied in situations as diverse as appraisals, disciplinary discussions, career reviews and coaching interventions.

Critical conversations are too important to happen in a spontaneous and 'heat of the moment' way. We introduce delegates to a structured feedback framework that ensures every critical conversation starts with a clear objective. Delegates will learn to choose the right combination of intervention styles to achieve their goal.


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