"Many organisations proudly proclaim their culture and values – but do they genuinely reflect the DNA of the organisation?"

Are they underpinned by a reality that your people would recognise or have they been created by the marketing team to impress customers?

Full day course
Suitable for senior managers
Improve people processes

This management development module is designed to help organisations define their organisational culture and values and convert those into clear behaviours.

The outputs being used to drive everything from recruitment to personal development, reward and performance management.

Research consistently suggests that organisations that live by the values they express are more successful. If you don’t already have a stated set of values we have a proven process that will allow delegates to distil your prevalent culture into a set of typically 4-6 values (we don’t believe more than this is realistic or necessary) that really capture “the real you”.

Alternatively, if you already have a set of values in place we can use the same process to validate if they are truly reflective of the business. Either way, what we ultimately want to do is convert those values into a set of observable behaviours that allow every employee to understand what is expected of them.

Of course, it is vital that leaders demonstrate the behaviours they expect of others. Using the Chiumento Culture Matrix we’ll conduct an audit – and identify the actions required if Leaders are to be seen to operate with integrity. The outputs will allow you to review a wide range of people processes. For example, many organisations fall for the trap of basing hiring decisions on skills, knowledge and experience – avoiding the essential issue of cultural fit.


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