"What stops leaders from delegating?"

In part, it can be about culture. Delegation requires trust, and that runs both ways. We’ll help your team to explore how culture can both encourage and block delegation.

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Long hours and stress are just two common symptoms of a leader who doesn’t know how to delegate.

And their behaviour often results in frustrated team members who have both the capability and desire to do more but are only entrusted with routine and undemanding tasks.

In an organisation where blame is a currency then leaders don’t dare let go because if anything goes wrong… Delegation requires trust. And that runs both ways. In this module, as part of our management development programme we’ll help your team to explore how culture can both encourage and block delegation.

People can be a barrier too. If you haven’t hired the right ones, then you will fear delegation as you doubt your team’s competence to achieve the right outcomes. After all who can do it better than you?

And that’s a critical factor too. Often the biggest barrier is the leader themselves. They are too eager to own everything – sometimes in the mistaken belief that they constantly need to prove their own technical superiority.

We’ll help delegates explore how their own preferences and behaviours get in the way of delegation. That includes re-positioning their role from 'doer' to trainer and coach.

We’ll help delegates to build an action plan about what needs to change to enable them to 'let go'. That often involves defining a 'new me'.

Closely interlocked with delegation is empowerment. Managers typically delegate tasks – and supervise them closely. Often providing step-by-step direction on exactly how the task is to be achieved. Leaders delegate outcomes and empower their teams to find new and different ways to achieve them. In the process unlocking creativity and allowing individuals to take pride in what they achieve.


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