"The challenge with motivation is that, unlike preference, it can change dramatically over time"

Research also suggests significant demographic differences - which means how you choose to energise your team can have big impacts on diversity.

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Unlocking potential
Energised workforce

Every day we encounter people going through the motions  in the workplace.

The result can be anything from poor customer service to low quality.

Part of the Chiumento Academy, our management development programme this seminar looks at how people are energised, what gets them out of bed and into work with a positive mindset. The importance, as a leader, of creating energy and the management pitfalls to avoid.

What leaders can do to create an environment where people deliver to the maximum of their ability rather than 'the bare minimum to survive'.  Covering the issue of presenteeism, the difference between relative and absolute performance and the strategies you can put in place to unlock the hidden potential in your team.

Delegates will be able to work with their teams to develop a holistic approach to energising and engaging their people. This will touch on issues as diverse as the design of commission and bonus schemes to office design and communication.


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The 8 management development modules that make up the Chiumento Academy, can be run as stand-alone sessions or combined into a comprehensive 5-day course.

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