"Leaders are defined not by rank, job title or place on an organisation chart - they can be found at any level"

What marks them out is that they attract followers - people who are energised and motivated by them and as a result achieve great things.

Full day course
Building blocks to effective management
Leadership vs Management

Based on the latest research we look at the four pillars of trust and how the actions of leaders both build and destroy it.

As an old Dutch saying goes 'trust arrives on foot and leaves on horseback'.

Part our the Chiumento Academy, our management development programme, this course will help delegates understand the fundamental role of trust in developing an effective leadership culture.  Exploring how leadership is different from management and why, in a rapidly changing and highly unpredictable world, values are more critical to success than systems, policies and processes.

Through the Chiumento Culture Matrix we help delegates to re-assess their teams and recognise how bad behaviour is organisationally toxic. And how failing to tackle it results in their own position as a leader being undermined. 

We will help delegates to develop a new way of thinking about how the organisation should place value on individuals. That in turn will give them new insights into areas as diverse as performance management, reward and development planning. Delegates leave the programme with the building blocks to become effective leaders and immediate actions that they can take back to the workplace.

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The 8 management development modules that make up the Chiumento Academy, can be run as stand-alone sessions or combined into a comprehensive 5-day course.

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