"Research suggests that something like 90% of all change programmes fail to meet their objectives"

That’s a frightening statistic which immediately poses the question “why?” The answer invariably is people.

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Explore blockers to change
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While changes to systems, process and technology may be daunting, it is the people side of change that often is least considered.

We’ll explore with delegates the six major human blocks to organisational change and how as leaders they can overcome them.

There are three phases of change, the physical, the people and the performance.  The majority of this session will focus on the critical people phase, and how to successfully embed the new way of working into the organisation's DNA. 

Handling those who don’t want to, or can’t, make the journey is an important part of this event. We’ll explore the critical role trust plays and how your leaders can create a trust based environment where individual’s feel it is acceptable and risk-free to say, 'I’m not alright'.

We’ll conclude by looking at the third phase. This is where the organisation should be reaping the benefits of change – but is it? We'll help your leaders understand how they can assess the success of the change programme and how they can overcome common stumbling blocks.

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