"It is very easy for performance management systems to become bureaucratic, time consuming and ineffective"

Capturing significant amounts of data that is never used or identifying issues that a year later remain unresolved.

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Define high performance
Appraisal toolkit

We have developed an extremely simple and practical approach to performance management based on the Chiumento Culture Matrix.

This can easily be adapted to provide a highly visual, low maintenance but highly impactful tool for facilitating powerful appraisal discussions.

As part of our management development programme, the Chiumento Academy, this module covers the importance of performance management, for both managers and their staff.  Look at high performance and how it can be defined within your organisation as well as focusing on how to identify and appropriately segment your staff into A, B and C players.

Objectives play a large part in performance management and during the day attendees will learn how to set meaningful and empowering objectives, how to develop a structured way to evaluate their team as well as how to identify immediate performance challenges and how to effectively tackle them.

Delegates will come away fully understanding the role of a leader in managing performance. They will be equipped with a core template for a quick, impactful and low maintenance performance appraisal designed in a way that can be used by even relatively inexperienced managers. For maximum impact we recommend that this course is combined with the Critical Conversations module.

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The 8 management development modules that make up the Chiumento Academy, can be run as stand-alone sessions or combined into a comprehensive 5-day course.

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