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How are you using reward to incentivise your people

Are you clear and does your current system actually drive the outcomes and behaviours you want?

How you reward your team is a key part in attracting, motivating and retaining the most talented employees. As part of our management development programme, the Chiumento Academy, this module delegates will learn the importance and purpose of reward, the role it plays in motivating and retaining your team, what your current scheme says about your culture and values and how it isn't always about the money. 

We'll look at how you can ensure that rewards accurately reflect the contribution made by staff, not just long service, that the rewards you're offering are incentivising your people and driving the outcomes and behaviours you want.

Delegates will be able work together to re-assess how they define high performance and then reflect if the existing reward structure in the organisation encourages the right outcomes and behaviours. They will also be able to work on new reward plans for the business that both energise people and deliver business results.


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