"We live in a world where everything is available 24/7/365"

Is your outplacement offering stuck in the dark ages? Today, it’s all about on demand whether it’s streaming music and films, online shopping, ordering a cab or accessing e-learning. Immediacy and instant gratification are now the expected norms, and our outplacement portfolio is designed to reflect this. Our digitally-driven delivery model means your people can access the best advice, the most comprehensive resources and on demand support whenever they want and wherever they are. Ensuring your people get job ready – fast.

Our outplacement portfolio


Designed specifically for clients with a high-volume group outplacement requirement or where budget is a deciding factor, our Accelerator programmes are our most cost-efficient. Our aim is to have delegates job ready within a week and all at the lowest cost.

All Inclusive

Everything a job changer could need is included in our All Inclusive programmes. Unlimited access to our Career Concierge, a professionally-written CV and LinkedIn profile, 1-2-1 targeted career advice, on-demand support and resources.


Outplacement at the most senior level is less about speed and more about taking time to make the right decisions. It's about having the right advice from the right people. We will arrange coaching tailored to your Executive’s specific objectives.

Our approach to outplacement

Digitally driven with the human touch

We like to do things a little differently.  Technology has changed the world in which we live and work and we’ve changed outplacement to reflect this.  Where historically delegates needed to travel to offices to receive their outplacement training, now they can do this at a location close to them.  Taking away the wasted time and money spent on unnecessary travel.  In fact, if they want they can conduct their coaching sessions via video conferencing, removing the need to travel at all.

While all our programmes are digitally-driven, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a human touch.  It just means that our delegates benefit from all that technology has to offer, while still receiving coaching and advice from real people.  Whereas generic group sessions were the norm, we now focus on giving everyone a personalised programme.  Giving them the ability to focus on the areas which they require the most help.  It’s not just about writing a CV, which we do for our delegates by the way, but about interview practice, networking advice, how to manage retirement or advice for setting up on your own.

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