What is outplacement?

To put it simply, outplacement is provided by an organisation making redundancies to help their departing staff take the next step in their career. Be that a new job, a change in profession, to set up on their own or to retire.

Benefits of outplacement to employers

Making redundancies is never an easy task, but offering outplacement support to departing staff brings with it many benefits, and helps make the process as smooth as possible. The main drivers for offering outplacement differ from organisation to organisation and depend on many factors. It can help minimise the risk of litigation from departing staff, help to maintain engagement and productivity and in today's digital world where a tweet can reach millions in seconds, treating your departing staff well, enforces your brand and protects your reputation.

Live up to your values
Maintain productivity & engagement
Protect the brand and reputation
Minimise the risk of litigation

How is outplacement delivered?

When it first appeared in the 1950s, most outplacement programmes focused on face-to-face meetings with career coaches, whether that was on an individual or group basis.  Fast forward 70 years and the world around us has changed dramatically, as has the delivery of outplacement programmes.

While help from career experts is still at the heart of any programme, there is now a greater flexibility as to what, where and how the career advice is given. Advice from an expert is just as likely to be given via video conference as it is face-to-face.  Technology plays a bigger part with online portals housing a vast library of career related information, many also give delegates access to webinars, video learning and interactive e-learning modules.

This increased flexibility means that programmes can be personalised to each delegate, offering them help and advice tailored to their specific requirements and delivered in a way that best suits them.

Benefit to staff

While redundancy has lost the stigma of the past, it can still be a challenging time. For most people the only careers advice they've ever had was at school. An outplacement programme offers departing staff a much needed refresh of their career skills. It gives support, advice and expertise to guide them towards the next step, and throughout their career.

Outplacement helps with:

  • Assessing options
  • Updating job seeking skills
  • How to maximise the power of LinkedIn
  • Personal branding
  • How to network
  • Interview guidance
  • Resilience, how to deal with rejection
  • How to build confidence

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