You may ask yourself 'Why do I need outplacement? ' Whether you’ve been there 6 months or 20 years leaving a company, especially if it wasn’t your decision is a daunting task.

Don't worry we're here to help. We will help you take the next steps in your career, whether that's finding a new job, starting out on your own or retiring. We'll put you in touch with specialists that can help you every step of the way...

How does it work?

We are commissioned by organisations going through redundancies to help their departing staff take the next step. Whether you want a new role, to retire, change your career or become self-employed, we have the tools and expertise to help, all at no cost to you, our delegate.

What will it involve?

Typically, our programmes last between one and six months, and include a range of services from your own career concierge and a professionally written CV to access to our career portal and time with expert career coaches. Get in touch and we can confirm what is available to you.

Why do I need outplacement help?

For most people the only careers advice they've ever had was at school. An outplacement programme gives you the opportunity to gain valuable help and advice as an adult. It will refresh your knowledge and give you skills to help with your next step and throughout your career.

What do I need to do?

To start your programme get in touch. Give us a call or drop us an email and we'll sort out the rest. We will be in contact to arrange a suitable time to discuss your needs and aims before tailoring the best programme for you.

Looking for a new role?

If a new job is your aim we can arrange for your CV and LinkedIn profile to be professionally written, give you access to a wealth of interactive e-learning on job hunting skills and if relevant meetings with an expert career coach.


If the next step in your career is for it to end, then we can help connect you with experts who can help you make the transition to retirement, for example financial planners to ensure you're financially secure.

Going it alone?

Many people take the opportunity to go it alone following a redundancy. If this is your plan we will ensure that you get to speak to someone who can help, whether with financial advice or simply to assess your business plan.

What you'll receive

Access to Chiumento 24
Professionally written CV
Unlimited careers advice webinars
Interactive e-learning library
Expert help and advice
Job search

Chiumento 24

Chiumento 24 sits at the heart of our service to you. It’s not just a career portal.  It’s a collaboration platform, an expansive library of careers advice, it’s a communication tool, it’s everything you need to find a new job, change career or retire, all in one easily accessible place.

Single Login
Inbuilt video conferencing
Careers advice & e-learning
Job search facility
Instant messaging