Why I love Google – and my new favourite term: JSO…

There are times when I could hug Google. Just this week we have secured a great new business lead from an organisation that just put “outplacement” into Google. Up popped Chiumento and the rest, thanks to our Client Development team, is now history.

Interestingly if they’d have done the same thing a few weeks ago I am not sure they would have found us. Before we launched our new website we tested how “Google friendly” our old one was. Let’s just say we were not flying high as high as we would have liked on some key search terms.

So, as we launched the new site I decided it was time to master Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This was a whole new ball game for me and a steep learning curve as I discovered a whole new language about slugs and tags.

Has it worked? Well, given my opening comments the answer has to be yes. But then again it may be no. I have discovered a very strange phenomenon that despite the best efforts of several IT experts I don’t get.

If I search outplacement on Google on my laptop Chiumento isn’t on the front page. (Don’t worry Sarah I’m on to it). However if I do the same thing on my Google Nexus tablet then hey presto we are number 2 on the natural search rankings just below Wikipedia and just above a key competitor. I tried it again on a Kindle Fire HD – different rankings again. And on an iPhone? Yes, you’ve guessed different again.

So why is this important in an HR context? Well if you’re a head of recruitment trying to get your recruitment messages high up the Google rankings it matters. Equally if you are a job seeker it is crucial that you can find the right jobs easily – and also that potential employers and recruitment consultants can find you on the internet.

Every delegate on one of our outplacement programmes now has to master what, after my SEO experience, I will now call JSO – Job Search Optimisation. I am glad at Chiumento we have experts who show our delegates how to master these critical skills. Including how to search effectively for opportunities on the internet and build great LinkedIn profiles that get them noticed. As our website SEO experience shows, get the profile right and the opportunities flow.

Ian Gooden
Chief Executive Designate