"We live in a world where everything is available 24/7/365"

Our outplacement portfolio is designed to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Today, it’s all about ‘on demand’ whether it’s streaming music and films, online shopping, ordering a cab, booking a flight or accessing e-learning. Immediacy and instant gratification are now the expected norms. Whether you require a group or an individual programme our digitally-driven delivery model means your people can access the best advice, the most comprehensive resources and on demand support whenever they want and wherever they are. Ensuring your people get job ready – fast.

Our outplacement portfolio


Designed specifically for clients with a high-volume group outplacement requirement or where budget is a deciding factor, our Accelerator programmes are our most cost efficient. Driven by technology, the focus is on speed including the option to have a CV professionally written within 72 hours. This along with our elearning and webinars will ensure your people are job ready within a week and all at the lowest cost.

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All Inclusive

As the name suggests, everything a job changer could need is included in our All Inclusive programmes. Choose between 3 and 6 months and your people will receive unlimited access to a Career Concierge, a professionally-written CV and LinkedIn profile, 1-2-1 targeted career advice, on-demand support and resources as well as a fully configured Chiumento Touch. It’s a high touch service with plenty of added value

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Outplacement at the most senior level is less about speed and more about taking time to make the right decisions. It's about having the right advice from the right people. We will arrange coaching tailored to your Executive’s specific objectives whether it’s another corporate role or a portfolio career. We’ll provide membership of Institute of Directors to ensure they have all the facilities they need.


Group Outplacement

Whether you require workshops across the country, a more technology-led approach or additional support we can help. We have been helping organisations with large scale group outplacement programmes for over 20 years. These have ranged from factory closures to office relocations.

Technology-led programmes
Additional support

Career concierge

Helping your departing staff reach their career goals, quicker

Our Career Concierges act as both advisor and facilitator, tailoring the service around the needs of the individual. Guiding your staff towards their goal, whether that's a new job, a change in career, retirement or self-employment, bringing in specialist experts as required.

If the aim of an outplacement programme is for your departing staff to leave having had a great experience, then our delegate-centred, technology-driven approach will help you achieve this.  The Concierge service can be implemented across our full outplacement portfolio, for more information or to request a quote please give us a call. 



Chiumento 24

We believe that in Chiumento 24, we’ve got something a little bit special, that goes beyond the norm. It’s not just an expansive library of careers advice, it’s a collaboration platform and a communication tool. It houses everything your employees need to find a new job, change career, or retire in style.  Not only that, it offers you a simple way to refer employees and to then track their progress.

Ready to go straight from the box
Just add WiFi
Access to latest technology
LinkedIn App pre-installed
Office compatible applications included
Acess to e-learning tools
Single Log in
Inbuilt communication tools
Learning library & webinars
Rich & varied content
Quick and easy delegate referal
Track the progress of your employees

Chiumento Touch

Leaving a job can also mean losing access to an up-to-date smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop. In a world where so many job applications are completed online, not having a modern device can be a real handicap. Chiumento Touch is an Android tablet that’s been configured to overcomes this. You literally 'just add WiFi' and, for the odd occasion you can’t get online, we’ve embedded e-learning programmes that can be used anywhere.

We’ve pre-installed an office suite that’s fully compatible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint plus key tools like anti-virus software, the LinkedIn app and Gmail. It really is ready to go straight out of the box. Touch can do so many things that make job hunting easier. For example, many recruitment agencies now use Skype to do first interviews, so we’ve added the Skype app too.

The benefits of outplacement

Investing in outplacement services when going through a redundancy brings many benefits. It can help minimise disruption, maintain engagement while treating your departing staff with the respect they deserve.