Performing under pressure – what we can learn from the world of sport

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week, you can’t have escaped the football fever that’s gripped the nation. I am by no means a football fan, but I’ve still spent most of today feeling slighting nervous and anxious about tonight’s game. I dread to think how Gareth Southgate and his team Read more about Performing under pressure – what we can learn from the world of sport[…]


Retail crisis – the elephant in the room?

  As the CEO of a business that specialises in helping people facing redundancy, I’ve been taking a close interest in the unfolding retail crisis. Just today we’ve seen House of Fraser announce the potential closure of 31 stores with the loss of up to 6,000 jobs. And that was followed by news that Poundworld Read more about Retail crisis – the elephant in the room?[…]


Contingency recruitment: the real ‘mad men’?

I’ve recently been following a thread on LinkedIn. It questions whether it is fair for recruitment agencies to be asked to give 100% rebates when candidates don’t work out. The argument broadly being that the client has had a big part in selection, so why should the agency take the full hit when it doesn’t Read more about Contingency recruitment: the real ‘mad men’?[…]


What’s with the profile photographs on LinkedIn?

Many years ago, when I worked as a head-hunter, I did several campaigns in the US. One of the differences I noticed immediately was that CVs usually carried photographs of the candidates – something you rarely saw at that time in the UK. What had us all bemused was that most of the ‘snaps’ were Read more about What’s with the profile photographs on LinkedIn?[…]


Are Christmas parties worth the expense?

Today is our annual Christmas get together, where we’ll all don our Christmas jumpers, have a turkey dinner and no doubt enjoy a few glasses of wine. But it got me thinking, apart from some free food and drink for employees. What are the benefits of a Christmas shindig? According to research by event promotions Read more about Are Christmas parties worth the expense?[…]


Employment Law Update – Autumn 2017

We know that it can be hard to keep abreast of the latest changes to employment law. Which is why we have asked legal experts, Gateley Plc, to produce an Employment Law Update covering the key changes that took affect this autumn. This edition covers the legal implications of our exit from the EU and Read more about Employment Law Update – Autumn 2017[…]


Thinking about working from home? Six things to consider

Chiumento is a ‘virtually virtual’ business. Over 80% of our team now work permanently from home and that will increase further in the months ahead. Much has already been said about the benefits of a virtual business. For example, one of our team recently wrote a blog explaining the difference it has made to her Read more about Thinking about working from home? Six things to consider[…]