Are homeworkers healthier?

I’ve just been reading an article from a US magazine that reports how sick leave amongst homeworkers appears to be 70% lower than for their office-based equivalents. As with all data, I think that raw statistic poses more questions than it provides answers. What it doesn’t tell us, for example, is whether fewer individuals are Read more about Are homeworkers healthier?[…]


Furlough envy – Is the grass always greener?

Until March 2019 the word furlough was an obscure, originally military term about being given a leave of absence.  Now it’s joined the likes of lockdown, social distancing and the R number to, unfortunately, become part of our everyday corona vocabulary. At its peak in May 2020 nearly 9million people were furloughed, this had dropped Read more about Furlough envy – Is the grass always greener?[…]


Performing under pressure – what we can learn from the world of sport

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week, you can’t have escaped the football fever that’s gripped the nation. I am by no means a football fan, but I’ve still spent most of today feeling slighting nervous and anxious about tonight’s game. I dread to think how Gareth Southgate and his team Read more about Performing under pressure – what we can learn from the world of sport[…]


Retail crisis – the elephant in the room?

  As the CEO of a business that specialises in helping people facing redundancy, I’ve been taking a close interest in the unfolding retail crisis. Just today we’ve seen House of Fraser announce the potential closure of 31 stores with the loss of up to 6,000 jobs. And that was followed by news that Poundworld Read more about Retail crisis – the elephant in the room?[…]