Talent retention is a critical factor in organisational performance. Unplanned leavers impact customer relationships, slow response times, risk productivity and threaten quality.

In the current employment market, replacing people is also both expensive and a major risk to business performance. It is estimated that the cost of replacing a leaver can be as much as six months’ salary. Investing in retention is therefore an easy business case to make.

We help organisations understand where they are at risk of resignations. Providing them with the insight to take proactive steps to reduce turnover.



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career conversations over 30 years is the level of experience we bring 

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Chiumento has thirty years of experience in understanding why people make key career decisions. Including to leave organisations. That’s rarely a decision taken lightly. Indeed a resignation is often the culmination of weeks or months of thinking and planning.

Over four decades, our career coaches have spoken to thousands of individuals. Each case is subtlety different. However from all that qualitative and quantitative data we’ve formed a clear picture of what leads individuals to seek opportunities elsewhere.


How do your existing people feel about their relationship with the organisation? Understand that early enough and you have the chance to take proactive steps before they even start looking for another job.

All resignations are painful – if only because of the management time and cost associated with hiring a replacement. Resignations from amongst the top 10-15% of your workforce can be excruciating. They are inevitably the people “making your boat go faster”. They are the ones the rest of the team look up to. And they are invariably the keystones who, if removed, can trigger a run of resignations around them.

They will also likely be the people most respected and trusted by your customers and suppliers. The people who drive up sales numbers and productivity. In other words, the lifeblood of the organisation.


We help organisations to understand the real reasons why people have left. That’s often not what they say when first asked.

It is all too easy to say “better pay” or “closer to home”. Those answers imply no criticism and avoid difficult conversations about say your boss or your colleagues.

A great exit interview gets to the truth in a way no questionnaire or survey can. A skilled Chiumento interviewer can unlock the real reasons behind a resignation. There’s rarely just one thing, its usually a combination of factors.


In our experience learned over 30 years, we believe that almost all resignations stem from one of eight key themes. Themes we’ve built into a model that underpins all our talent retention work.

The model covers both the emotional and the practical drivers of resignations. While pay is probably the most commonly quoted reason for people leaving our experience tells us that rarely is it the only factor. Indeed a pay rise might only be the “cherry on the cake” not he real reason the individual started job hunting in the first place.


Love is about the emotional attachment between employee and employer. It includes factors such as recognition, respect and trust. Love is ultimately a big driver of loyalty.


Find out which people simply leave employers because they feel it is “time to move on”. For younger generations especially,  all work is temporary.


Bosses, peers, subordinates, clients and suppliers are all part of the equation. People leave when these relationships aren’t working for them.


Our physical environment is important. If a workplace is unsafe, unhygienic, badly maintained, too cold, too hot etc etc people will vote with their feet.


If your pay isn’t competitive, or is seen as unfair, it makes your people easy targets for other employers.


Have you done enough to make life as easy as possible for your people? If other employers have a better work-life integration offer, you are vulnerable.


Does the career path you offer match the aspirations of the individual? People leave organisations when they can’t see a route to their destination.


Are people leaving becausethey have concerns about your values or ethics. Or perhaps they don’t like the behaviours of leaders.

"We really like working with Chiumento. They know what they are are doing and we trust them to do the job well."

Exit Interview Client, Tech Sector

“The insight we get from Chiumento has been really revealing and has helped us understand why we have retention issues in parts of our business.”

Exit Interview Client, Financial Services

“We’d always handled exit interviews in-house. Our problem was consistency. Sometimes the interviews were good but it was patchy. Sometimes they just weren’t happening. Using Chiumento has given us consistency and quality of data.”

Exit Interview Client, Fin Tech

“We’ve used online questionnaires but we were finding the return rate was so low that it made the feedback almost irrelevant. Chiumento set up the interviews so we get a higher number of staff giving feedback and it has been very helpful.”

Exit Interview Client, Utilities


I'm doing engagement surveys, do I need interview data too?

We’d strongly suggest you do. Engagement survey questions are often limited and broad. For example Gallup 12. They give a good high level snapshot but don’t probe deeper.

A skilled interviewer can probe deeper and recognise nuances in answers that need further investigation. Ultimately the data is much richer.

Where do the interviews take place?

They all take place on-line or over the telephone. That ensures maximum flexibility and lowest cost.

Do we have to use the Chiumento model?

Our interviewers are trained in our model. We believe in it passionately as it is based on 30 years of experience. Our systems are designed to report on that structure so it would be both complex and expensive to use bespoke or hybrid models.

How do you securely handle the data being collected?

All data is handled with great care by experienced team members in accordance with GDPR. You can read our privacy policy here.

Can we do a pilot project to test the service?

Yes you can. We are happy to work with you to agree a sample size that would provide meaningful and reliable data.

Infact many of our clients start off this way by asking us to interview all leavers over the past 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. This data can be useful place to begin as it creates a useful set of base data to build on if you choose.

Can you carry out interviews in any language?

Right now we can only support volume projects in English. That may change in future. For example if you are willing to commit to a long-term contract we would be willing to hire and train interviewers in specific languages. If you have people overseas we have partners in over 30 countries who can help.

How long is each interview?

Some individuals make getting to the information easy. Others can be harder to unlock. Ultimately we take as much time as is needed to do the job properly. Typically that’s somewhere between 40 minutes and an hour.

I need to provide a business case for exit interviews. Can you help?

Yes we can. We can share an example business case and help you adapt it to your organisation. The cost benefit analysis is quite simple to calculate given a few variables.


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