Extensive, bespoke programmes for senior managers and executives, supported by our very best exeutive career coaches

More career options, longer job search times, very different application and assessment processes. These are just some of the challenges faced by senior leaders. Our Executive outplacement programmes are designed with this in mind.

Our executive delegates don’t simply have a single career coach, they will have access to a comprehensive support team – a group of individual experts who have all been rigorously assessed and hand-picked to help them achieve their career goal. Be that another corporate leadership role, portfolio career or NED.



Chiumento executive outplacement delegates have access to the full range of our outplacement services.

Personal Account Director

A member of our senior team will be the main point of contact working with each individual to assess priorities and partner each delegate with the most suitable executive career coach(es).

Personal Support Team

Executive outplacement can at times require very specific and detailed advice, which is why each executive outplacement delegate will have a team of people available throughout their programme. Not just a single coach.

Chiumento 24

All our executive outplacement delegates receive access to our online career portal, Chiumento 24. Through this delegates can access a wealth of career related content including e-learning, Quickbyte videos, webinars and webcasts.

Professionally written CV

An impressive CV is an essential tool at any level, when making a career move. Our senior level delegates can access the services of a professional, senior-level executive CV writer who will take a detailed brief and draft a core CV that’s ready to be tailored for any application.

LinkedIn Profile

Professional LinkedIn writers will provide content for each delegate’s LinkedIn profile that reflects and supports their CV. Ensuring that their online presence is strong and fully optimised for job hunting.

Career Concierge

Our inhouse Career Concierge team are all experienced recruiters and are available to give instant, practical help, and advice whenever it’s needed. During office hours they are instantly available, without the need of an appointment.

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My Chiumento coach helped re-frame my thinking around issues that I have found challenging for some time and provided guidance on actionable steps towards improving how I can present myself better to clients.

Chiumento was a lifesaver during the set up of my business. My consultant and the resources on Chiumento24 helped me create a detailed and strategic plan that gained the business funding I needed. I couldn’t have done it as well without them.

I left employment not looking for further work. I found the information for retirees informative and useful. The 1-2-1 were interesting and thought-provoking to help me confirm to myself I was going to be OK without the hustle-bustle of going to work daily. Thanks for your help.

We make you a simple promise. If you’re letting people go, we will look after them…

How much does it cost?

The cost of each of our outplacement services varies depending on the elements you chose to include, how long you want the programme to last and how many people you wish to use the service.  If you’d like a detailed quote please drop us a line at info@chiumento.com

Are your executive programmes suitable for non-executive level delegates?

While the final choice of programme is up to you, we wouldn’t reccommend our Executive Outplacement programme for those who are not at a very senior level. We have a full portfolio of programmes that are designed to fit differing needs. More information on these can be found below or we’re always happy to talk through our offering if you’ve like to give us a call on +44 20 7224 3307 or email info@chiumento.com

All Inclusive

Where are your offices?

We have been a fully remote working company since 2017. Our coaches meet delegates remotely or in a location that is convenient to each delegate.

Do you offer retirement planning?

Yes. We realise that for some of our delegates, the next step in their career is retirement. We have a full range of retirement advice and planning that helps your executive outplacement delegate decide firstly if it is the right decision for them and then how to plan a successful retirement.

What Executive specific services do you offer?

Outplacement at a senior level is very different and requires a different approach and at times very specific help and advice. For our executive outplacement delegates we have experts available that can help with retirement planning, all aspects of starting a business or help those that wish to take on a NED role.

Can you offer international support?

Through our global partnership with Arbora, we can help both executives based outside of the UK or delegates that are looking to make an international move.


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