Top tips for attending a video interview

If you say the words ‘video interview’ to many job seekers, it will send a shiver down their spine. Visions of fuzzy images on screen, stilted conversation and WiFi dropping out halfway through is enough to scare anyone off. But it needn’t be that way, the quality of Skype and other video conference tools means Read more about Top tips for attending a video interview[…]


Top tips for a successful telephone interview

With some jobs receiving in excess of 100 applications, the use of telephone interviewing as an additional stage, prior to any face-to-face interviews is becoming more common.  Whether it’s with a recruitment consultant or direct with the hiring manager, you should treat it as you would a face-to-face interview.  If you don’t impress during a Read more about Top tips for a successful telephone interview[…]


Why offering outplacement is more than just doing the right thing.

For many offering outplacement to those employees, they’re letting go is seen as the right thing to do. While there is no doubt that it is, it also makes sound business sense. 1. It reduces pain – redundancy, in whatever scenario is always a challenging time. Something that isn’t enjoyable for either party. Outplacement can Read more about Why offering outplacement is more than just doing the right thing.[…]


Interview Preparation – a quick guide

So you’ve passed the initial stages, perhaps had a phone or a Skype call and you’ve been called for a face-to-face interview. Congratulations. This is your chance to sell yourself, showcase your skills and experience and make sure you’re the preferred candidate. But it’s also at this stage that many of those that look like Read more about Interview Preparation – a quick guide[…]


Questions to ask at interview – A quick guide

Do you struggle to think of suitable questions to ask at an interview? Here are a few topics to help you have a range of questions ready to ask… 1. Structure – Where does the role fit within the team/department/organisation. What is the management structure like. What areas of the business would you be working closest Read more about Questions to ask at interview – A quick guide[…]


Interview presentations – The Performance

So you’ve been asked to present at an upcoming interview…. But you didn’t panic you read our advice on how to prepare perfect interview presentations. Spent the past few days/week crafting a beautiful PowerPoint presentation, that totally hits the brief and showcases your expertise on the topic. But now it’s D Day and you’ve got to deliver Read more about Interview presentations – The Performance[…]