How to manage furloughed workers?

The further easing of restrictions is underway bringing many furloughed workers back to work. However, it isn’t back to normal for everyone as many sectors are still trading at below normal (pre-covid) levels and with their employees remaining furloughed. The scheme, originally planned to last a mere three months has now been in operation for Read more about How to manage furloughed workers?[…]

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Focus on mental health

There is no denying that the past year has changed the working life for many people. Working from home has gone from the exception to the norm, with many organisations now looking to introduce hybrid office/remote working practices.  I know many of those I talk to are hoping to retain an element of home working Read more about Focus on mental health[…]


Furlough envy – Is the grass always greener?

Until March 2019 the word furlough was an obscure, originally military term about being given a leave of absence.  Now it’s joined the likes of lockdown, social distancing and the R number to, unfortunately, become part of our everyday corona vocabulary. At its peak in May 2020 nearly 9million people were furloughed, this had dropped Read more about Furlough envy – Is the grass always greener?[…]