Making volume outplacement affordable has always been a challenge.

We understand that when making volume redundancies, the cost of quality outplacement can seem prohibitive. With many traditional individual programmes starting at over £1,000 per person or more the budget can soon become unaffordable.

Yes you can offer group solutions – like workshops – but they never have quite the same impact as an individual programme. Ask most delegates what the most valuable part of their programme was and the answer will be: one-to-one support.

Design principles

When designing JetStream we had one simple goal in mind: make quality individual outplacement affordable for even the largest projects.

The solution was to focus the limited available budget on the things delegates value the most. Leaving some great user-friendly technology to manage the process. That keeps the admin cost low and the content value high.

Mobile first

Traditionally most outplacement technology was designed to run on laptop or desk top computers. That means the user experience on small screen mobile devices can be challenging.

Today almost everyone has a Smartphone and use apps daily. Its a familiar and easy way to access services and information.

That’s why we’ve designed JetStream to be a mobile first platform. It runs on any Smartphone, ensuring your people can access great support when and where they need it.

Don’t worry, it works on laptops and tablets too for those that prefer a big screen experience.

We’ve made it really easy for you

When you are dealing with high volume redundancies, the last thing you need is a complex or demanding referral process. To get an individual up and running all we need from you is a name, an email address and a mobile phone number. Its that simple. Data transfer can be direct into our portal – or send us a secure spreadsheet and we’ll manage the data upload for you.

Done in 60 seconds – sign up couldn’t be easier

Your delegate will get both text and email invitations to sign up. That’s because some love email, others prefer the simplicity of text. We cater for both.

The registration process is simple and completed in under 60 seconds. Everything your delegate needs is then immediately available in an app-style format that works on laptops and tablets too.

Unlimited one-to-one support

One to one support can be turned on at any point over the next four weeks. Allowing your delegate to pause and take a break after signing up if they want to.

Once initiated, the app will match your delegate to a named Career Advisor who will work with them for the next 8 weeks. This isn’t a call centre approach – your delegate will talk to the same Advisor through their programme.

Booking meetings via the app is simple. All one-to-one sessions take place via video call from the comfort of the individual’s home. That cuts out travel costs for your people – often a barrier to participation in traditional programmes.

Any job search topic can be discussed – the message is very clear: “your time, your agenda”. Once the meeting ends your delegate can immediately book their next session.

Professional CV writing included

Few people relish writing a CV – which is why professional CV writing is included in every JetStream programme. It gets your delegate applying faster and more effectively than any CV writing course.

CV writing is again requested through the app and a CV writer will be in touch within 3 working days.

Unlimited webinars

Our career and subject matter experts run an ongoing programme of webinars throughout the year. Places are booked through the app. Topics include everything from the basics of job search to creating a great LinkedIn profile and preparing for interviews.

Your delegate can attend as many webinars as they like over 12 months – including repeating ones already attended.

Pricing and commercials

Jetstream is our most affordable volume outplacement programme ever. Pricing is simple and available for projects of 20 people and upwards. Volume discounts are available if you are referring 40 or more colleagues.

Why not ask for a quote today? You’ll be pleasantly surprised.