One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve retention is often the most overlooked!

Exit interviews are conducted after a person leaves a company, to find out the pushes and pulls, and ultimately what led them to leave. With this valuable information, businesses can then make the necessary changes to improve retention and even attract new employees.

In a Chiumento lead survey, it was found that 86% of people didn’t have an exit interview when they left their previous employer. You can only imagine the bank of information that could have been gained had these employees been interviewed on their way out!

If improving retention is high up on your list of priorities, then carrying out exit interviews should be too.

Here at some top tips to get the most out of exit interviews to improve retention:

  1. Having an interviewer with no ties to the employee helps leavers to open up without fear of judgment or repercussions.
  2. Interviews with a clear structure help to achieve a clear result that is consistent and easily comparable.
  3. Each interview should be different! Don’t feel confined to sticking to a script and asking a long series of questions. Leave room to get to the bottom of any issues to achieve meaningful and truthful answers.


Here at Chiumento, we have spent years perfecting the most effective way to carry out exit interviews, and we have found that when outsourced you achieve higher quality and more specific results that will help to improve your business. 

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