“When executives find themselves facing a settlement agreement due to a change in their employment circumstances, negotiating for an executive outplacement package should be a top priority” advises Chiumento MD Mike Burgneay.

He explains: “an executive outplacement package can provide invaluable support during a career transition, offering a range of resources and guidance tailored to executive-level professionals. Securing an executive outplacement package as part of your settlement agreement may well determine how quickly you land in a new role – with very significant financial as well as career benefits”.

Smooth Transition to a New Career Opportunity

Executives at senior levels often have unique skills, experience, and networks that require a targeted approach during a career transition. An outplacement package provides the necessary resources and guidance to navigate the job market successfully. It includes career coaching, resume writing assistance, interview preparation, and support to build and leverage professional networks. The latter crucial as so many executive roles are not openly advertised.

Customised Support Tailored to Executive Needs

Standard job search resources and support may not adequately address the specific requirements of executives. From how you identify opportunities to the selection process their can be big differences. Outplacement providers specialising in executive-level services understand the intricacies of the executive job market and provide targeted resources and strategies. They also build resilience to face the often longer job search times involved.

Executives can benefit from executive coaching, leadership development programs, and access to exclusive networks tailored to their level of experience and career goals. This customised support increases their chances of securing high-level positions, positioning them for continued success in their professional journey.

Maintaining Professional Reputation and Confidentiality

When going through a settlement agreement, executives can face the challenge of managing their professional reputation and maintaining confidentiality. Negotiating an executive outplacement package provides you with resources and strategies to navigate these sensitive aspects of your transition.

Executive outplacement services prioritise discretion and confidentiality, ensuring that an executive’s job search remains confidential, especially if they are still employed – or perhaps on “gardening leave”. By having access to expert guidance in reputation management, executives can proactively protect their “personal brand” and mitigate any potential negative impact on their career trajectory.

Emotional and Psychological Support

The whole process of exiting under a settlement agreement can be emotionally taxing for executives. The support provided by outplacement experts extends beyond practical job search resources; it includes emotional and psychological support.

Outplacement services can include counseling, coaching, and mentoring to help executives manage the emotional challenges associated with job loss. These services provide a safe and supportive environment for executives to process their feelings, build resilience, and regain confidence. This comprehensive support system empowers executives to approach their career transition with a positive mindset and ensures a strong foundation for their future success.


Executives leaving an organisation via a settlement agreement should recognise the immense value of negotiating an executive outplacement package.

By including an outplacement package in the settlement agreement, executives secure a range of benefits specifically tailored to their needs. These ensure a smooth transition to a new career opportunity including customised support to maintain professional reputation.

Negotiating for an outplacement package demonstrates foresight and strategic thinking, allowing executives to proactively manage their career trajectory and position themselves for continued success. By investing in their professional development and well-being, executives maximise their potential and unlock new opportunities in their future endeavors.

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