A good leaver says goodbye

Why don’t we talk more about good leavers? Discussions about organisational success tend to focus on the importance of attracting and retaining top talent. Employee retention is vital for building a strong workforce but we often overlook the significant impact that departing colleagues can have on an organisation’s employer brand.

Good leavers – employees leaving on positive terms – can positively shape your employer brand. In this blog, we will explore why good leavers are crucial for enhancing your employer brand and how they contribute to the talent pipeline.

Positive “Word-of-Mouth” promotion

One of the most powerful tools in shaping your employer brand is the word-of-mouth recommendations from former employees. Good leavers are likely to speak highly of their time with you. They can become brand ambassadors, sharing their positive stories with friends, family, and professional networks. Their endorsements hold credibility and can attract new talent to your organisation.

Enhanced Employer Reputation

A strong employer brand is built upon a foundation of reputation and credibility. When good leavers depart they contribute to your positive employer reputation – sending messages that your organisation values its employees and provides a supportive work environment. This growing reputation, in turn, attracts new talent, fosters loyalty among existing employees, and improves the overall perception of your organization in the job market.

Talent Pool Expansion

Good leavers often move on to new opportunities, and tell their new colleagues about their positive experiences your organisation. That can lead to valuable connections with talented individuals which serve as bridges to potential future hires. Your former employees also become a source of talent recommendations, expanding your talent pool and facilitating the recruitment process.

Alumni Networks

Building a strong alumni network can be a significant asset for your employer brand. Alumni networks enable ongoing communication and engagement with former employees, keeping them connected to your organization’s activities, achievements, and opportunities. Active alumni networks foster a sense of belonging, strengthen relationships, and contribute to a positive employer brand.

Boomerang Hires

Some good leavers may soon realise that the grass is not greener on the other side. They may choose to return to your organisation with newfound skills and experiences, eager to contribute to your success once again. Boomerang employees bring unique perspectives, external expertise, and a deep understanding of your organizational culture. Rehiring these individuals not only saves recruitment costs but also accelerates on-boarding.


While retaining top talent remains a priority for organisations, it is essential not to overlook the significance of good leavers. Their positive experiences, endorsements, and contributions to your employer brand can yield long-term benefits. Embracing and valuing good leavers is not only good for your organisation but also a testament to your commitment to creating a supportive and fulfilling work environment

For over 25 years, Chiumento has been supporting organisations to manage people leaving. Protecting their employer brand even in difficult situations like redundancy. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you manage good leavers contact us.