Mission: change the perceptions of outplacement…

As we’ve covered in various articles and blogs, outplacement was born in a very different world to the one it exists in today. The 1950’s outplacement was all about having somewhere to go, someone to speak to and to reduce the stigma that surrounded redundancy. The modern world has evolved and outplacement with it. However, Read more about Mission: change the perceptions of outplacement…[…]


How has technology changed the world of outplacement?

The world isn’t changing – it has changed.  The advancements in technology over the past 20-30 years have revolutionised our world and impacted every part of our lives.  Things that would have been science fiction to past generations are now science fact. Most people carry in their pocket a device with more computing power than Read more about How has technology changed the world of outplacement?[…]


How to help redundancy survivors…

  Redundancies are unfortunately, a part of modern business. Something people will go through once, if not many times during their career. As an outplacement provider we understand the importance of looking after those that are leaving, helping to give them as smooth a transition as possible towards their next role. But, what about those Read more about How to help redundancy survivors…[…]


What’s outplacement got to do with the price of cabbages?

Last month I listened to the CEO of Sainsbury’s being interviewed about their Christmas trading results. What I heard loud and clear was that consumer habits are changing and that retailers have to respond. How we buy is one of the biggest changes. More and more is spent on-line. No longer do many of us Read more about What’s outplacement got to do with the price of cabbages?[…]


Outplacement is free – isn’t it?

Outplacement is one of the few benefits that employers can give out without creating a tax liability. Which is great news as when you’ve just been made redundant money is usually one of your biggest worries. However, is outplacement really free? From an employer’s point of view, it isn’t. In almost every case it will Read more about Outplacement is free – isn’t it?[…]


How to deal with being made redundant…

Being made redundant, whether you’re expecting it or not can be a testing time. It can knock your confidence and be emotionally overwhelming. While it is never easy, there are things you can do to help ease the process. Don’t take it personally – while it’s hard not to take it as a personal insult, Read more about How to deal with being made redundant…[…]


Is outplacement the new must have employee benefit?

I read, and shared this article recently on LinkedIn, written by a fairly recent graduate in the USA. It promotes the importance of outplacement and why ‘millennials’ should seek out an employer that offers it. It made me think – is outplacement now a benefit that candidates are seeking and should employers state that they Read more about Is outplacement the new must have employee benefit?[…]