Is outplacement the new must have employee benefit?

I read, and shared this article recently on LinkedIn, written by a fairly recent graduate in the USA. It promotes the importance of outplacement and why ‘millennials’ should seek out an employer that offers it. It made me think – is outplacement now a benefit that candidates are seeking and should employers state that they Read more about Is outplacement the new must have employee benefit?[…]


Tips for handling the redundancy process

As an employer taking the decision to make redundancies whether a few or many is a tough, and one no business leader ever wants to make.  While we’ve been out of the last recession for a few years and have seen good growth within the UK economy, redundancies are still occurring. The recent collapse of Read more about Tips for handling the redundancy process[…]


Career Transition vs Outplacement

The terms career transition and outplacement are often used in an interchangeable manner. While we call ourselves outplacement specialists some of our competitors refer to themselves as providing career transition services, others simply use both. But what is the difference? For me they are both two sides of the same coin, that coin being career Read more about Career Transition vs Outplacement[…]


Will outplacement still be here in 5 years’ time?

While at an event recently I overheard someone asking whether ‘will outplacement still be here in  5 years’. As the MD of an outplacement provider I very much hope it will be. But it did make me think, what do we, as an industry have to do to ensure that there is still a need Read more about Will outplacement still be here in 5 years’ time?[…]

benefits of outplacement

The benefits of outplacement…

Since I started at Chiumento I’ve had to explain to friends and relatives what the benefits of outplacement are. Many have never heard of it, either they’ve been lucky enough to have never been made redundant, or unlucky that their previous employer didn’t see the benefit in offering outplacement to their departing staff. Many of Read more about The benefits of outplacement…[…]