Is there a silver lining to the ongoing train strikes?


Many of those living and working in the south of England have been challenged by the recent flurry of train strikes, and unfortunately for the loyal rail users it doesn’t look like a resolution is going to happen anytime soon.

But is there a positive side effect of the strikes?

In a news interview recently one business owner revealed that in order to avoid the travel chaos, some of his staff members had taken the decision to work from home. So will these strikes lead to a change of working habits?

Many of those who work remotely soon realise that actually they can do their jobs just as effectively from home. With video conferencing freely available, meetings can happen online, cloud based storage or remote working systems mean that important files and documents are as easily accessible at home as they are in the office and with mobile phones now owned by most of the working population, being out of the office doesn’t mean you’re unreachable.

So why spend an hour or two trailing into work, standing on a crowded train (that’s if it’s on time or runs at all) when you could be just as productive and work from home?

With their eyes opened to the potential value of virtual working, ironically thanks to striking rail union members, maybe business will consider creating a policies around remote working, with staff travelling only when they really have to. Whilst this may be someway in the future so of no consolation to weary commuters who today have no choice but to travel, this ongoing strike action could have a silver lining for some in encouraging a more flexible working world.

So what do you think, are there any other potential positives to the strikes? Let us know…

For us as Chiumento thankfully the strikes have had little impact as in April 2016 we realised our aim of becoming a virtually virtual organisation, with 80% of our workforce now working remotely. For many this would seem to be a brave decision to make, but it’s one we took safe in the knowledge that we’d the right culture, technology and leaders in place to make it a success.

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