A series of 8 full day management development training courses, The Chiumento Academy allows organisations to deliver impactful leadership and management development interventions, in a cost-effective and flexible manner.

Each module can be run as a stand-alone event, or as they share many core materials, can be combined to create the ultimate Academy experience of a 5-day management development programme. The delivery will be fully tailored to fit your requirements, with training taking place in your office, at an off-site venue, or even being run as a week-long residential course, whatever best suits you, your budget and your requirements.  We usually recommend for the best learner experience that there is a maximum course size of 16 people, however when budget dictates we have successfully accommodated groups of up to 40.

The Chiumento Academy - Management Development Modules

Leadership & Trust
We help delegates to understand the fundamental role of trust in developing an effective leadership culture. Plus how leadership is different from management and why, in a rapidly changing and highly unpredictable world, values are more critical to success than systems, policies and processes.

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Culture & Values
Designed to help organisations define their organisational values and convert those into clear behaviours that their people can understand. The outputs being used to drive everything from recruitment to personal development, reward and performance management.

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Energising your workforce
Every day we encounter people ‘going through the motions’ in the workplace. In this seminar we will look at how people are energised and what leaders can do to create an environment where people deliver to the maximum of their ability rather than 'the bear minimum to survive'.

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Managing Performance
It is very easy for performance management systems to become bureaucratic, time consuming and ineffective. We have developed a simple and practical approach to performance management that can easily be adapted to provide a highly visual, low maintenance but impactful appraisal tool.

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Reward & recognition
How do we effectively link performance with reward and recognition strategy? This seminar will provide a toolkit to re-visit and re-energise your thinking on pay, bonuses, commissions and much more.

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Critical Conversations
Critical conversations are too important to happen in a spontaneous way. We introduce a structured feedback framework that ensures every critical conversation starts with a clear objective.

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Delegation & Empowerment
What stops leaders from delegating? In part, it can be about culture. Delegation requires trust, and that runs both ways. We’ll help your team to explore how culture can both encourage and block delegation.

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Leading through change
The people side of change is often the least considered. During this module we’ll explore with delegates the six major human blocks to organisational change and how as leaders they can overcome them.

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The Culture Matrix

The Chiumento Culture Matrix recognises that high performance isn’t just about outcomes - 'the what' - but also about 'how' those results are achieved. Inspired by real-life events – including sporting achievements made following the use of banned substances – we increasingly recognised that behaviours are as important to organisational reputation and long term results as skills and knowledge

Chiumento 24

It's more than a careers portal, it's a colllaboration platform

Every Academy delegate gets 12 months’ access to Chiumento24 as part of their programme. Once logged in they can access all the course materials for their own programme plus a rich blend of additional learning resources.

The Leadership Library contains an archive of Chiumento’s own management and leadership development tools plus copies of our internationally acclaimed research reports. Academy delegates can also access Virtual Ashridge, the learning portal of one of the world’s top business schools.

Chiumento24 also includes integrated video conferencing and instant messaging – enabling delegates to contact their programme leader. There is also a secure document store for sharing pre and post-course work.

Leadership library
Access to course materials
Inbuilt communication tools
Secure document storage
E-learning and management training tools

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