Transferable skills – don’t be blinkered…

When I did my degree in Graphic Design I was told I was minimising my routes into employment by choosing something so specific.  At the time I stood strong (and a little stubborn if I’m honest) and announced that this didn’t matter, design was the area I was passionate about and the area I wanted to pursue for my future career.

This passion for design has not changed in the last 4 years, but my route into employment has.  I am not currently working for an advertising agency as I once thought; I am now working as Sales and Marketing Executive at Chiumento.

Am I disappointed?  No, in fact I’m encouraged.  We talk a lot about transferable skills at Chiumento and the importance of recognising how these can be applied to new industries and new roles when speaking to delegates on our outplacement programmes.  I am living proof that you should not be restricted by your background, whether that is educational or experience in the field.

I joined Chiumento in 2010 on a temporary basis.  To help with what would be the first of two moves that have now firmly rooted us in our vibrant Camden office.  What started as a 3 month flying visit has resulted in 4 years’ experience within the organisation.

My skills as a Graphic Designer were acknowledged by Chiumento and are now an integral part of my role here.  They are the fundamental skills that helped me move into the position of Sales and Marketing Executive in the first place.

I would encourage all delegates on our outplacement programmes to focus on what your transferable skills are; they may be more valuable than you know in other industries and roles.  And I would encourage employers not to be blinkered by someone’s past experience; if Chiumento had such blinkers on I would not be working here today.

Katy Nicholls
Sales and Marketing Executive

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