What did you want to be when you were 15?



Today sees LinkedIn turn 15, to celebrate the networking site is asking users to say what they wanted to be when they were 15 using the hashtag #WhenIWas15

This got us thinking here at Chiumento, what did we all want to be at 15. Did any of us go on to achieve that goal and what impact did our early career aspirations have on our actual career path.

I personally wanted to be a dancer and had my heart set on attending a dance collage when I finished school at 16. My mum however had different ideas. She wanted me to continue my education and agreed that if I felt the same after doing my A levels, then she’d consider it. Unsurprisingly the optimism of 15-year-old me was replaced by a slightly more realistic 18-year old. One that realised, while I was a pretty good dancer, I already had an injury in my right foot and sounded like a strangled cat when I sang. A career on the West End stage wasn’t really a viable option.

So, I followed my 2nd passion and went on to study languages and marketing at university. I have forged a career in marketing and while I don’t use my languages on a regular basis, I can still speak pretty much fluent French and have a basic conversation in German and Spanish.

What about the rest of the Chiumento team. Our dreams ranged from the practical, joining the Royal Navy, becoming a midwife or a graphic designer to the more fanciful hope of joining Status Quo and becoming an actor.

While the majority opted for something different, I personally still see a part of that 15-year old in the person they are today. Be it their caring nature or a slight flamboyant flair. For me the 18+ years I spent taking dancing lessons haven’t been wasted. It’s given me confidence to perform in front of people, albeit in a meeting or presentation rather than on the stage. I have the ability to appear calm and in control when I’m really nervous. While my dreams as a 15-year old might not have come to fruition, I’ve used the skills I had and followed a career path I set out for myself at 18. Not a bad bit of forward planning.

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