Lots of jobs

With so many job vacancies out there, employers could be forgiven for asking why their people need outplacement support.

Finding a job is easy, isn’t it?

There are lots of jobs out there. 1.1 million of them in the UK according to the latest official figures. On that basis you’d be forgiven for thinking that getting work couldn’t be easier.

The total number of vacancies is unimportant when you are looking for a new job. The figure that actually matters is how many jobs are out there that meet your specific needs. If you are an IT specialist whose looking for a £75k a year role you won’t be in any way interested in the many thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of minimum wage jobs included in the total. Nor is it much help if you are in Norwich and all the vacancies are in Aberdeen. If you’ve a partner with a career, children settled in schools etc the old adage about “getting on your bike” doesn’t cut it.

Your seniority, specialism, location and salary needs are just some of the constraints on what you can apply for. Finding the right opportunities amongst the 1.1 million can be a bit like “finding a needle in a hay stack”. Especially, as we all know, because many jobs aren’t openly advertised…

What’s next?

The assumption that what everyone wants next is another just like the one they are leaving is flawed. Probably 30% of the people we support want to at least explore other options. Self-employment, retirement or re-training to do something different are just some of the choices. That’s when people really need outplacement support from a great career coach. Is the alternative realistic? Can you actually afford to start a business? There will be a lot of questions you need answers to.

Finding opportunities is different now

If you have been out of the job market for a while the chances are you’ll need outplacement support to get you back in the game. Social media may never have been part of your job hunt before. On-line applications can be tortuous if you don’t know how to play the game. And networking – especially using platforms like LinkedIn – is now a critical skill. You’d be surprised how many delegates we meet who don’t even have a LInkedIn profile. And if they do they may never have used in actively. Even people they’ve worked with for years may not be contacts.

Just getting interviews can be tough

If it is another corporate job you are after then you need a great CV. And nobody relishes writing one. That’s when you ineed outplacement support – and ideally the services of a talented CV writer. It can take weeks, even months, for a delegate to learn to write and refine a decent CV. Time you can ill afford if you need to get earning again. A professional writer can do it for you in a couple of days. Leaving the delegate free to look for more opportunities or focus on interview skills.

Great, you’ve got an interview…

Employers still get lots of applications for great jobs. Especially sought after brands. Your CV has to work hard to get you the interview. When it does, your challenge is just starting.

Many of the people we work with haven’t interviewed in years. They lack confidence. Many won’t have experienced on-line interviews or assessment centres. The tools of the modern recruiter are different and often unfamiliar.

To get you interview ready when you are “ring rusty” you need outplacement support. A combination of e-learning and coaching will get you fighting fit and confident.

Now you’ve got a job offer

Your task still isn’t done. Is it the right job? That’s where you need outplacement support. Many delegates are tempted to take the first job they are offered. The skill of a great career coach is challenging you to consider if it is the right offer. Are you under-selling yourself? Is it a job that you’ll be bored in within six months? Have you properly thought through the daily commute? Our goal is to get people re-settled effectively, not just quickly.

Showing you care

Making redundancies isn’t just about the people who are leaving. It is about the people staying too.  You need outplacement as part of your employer offer to demonstrate you care. Your employer brand is as much about how you treat people when they exit as it is about image you create when they are joining. Showing you care builds your reputation. Outplacement is an investment in protecting your image in the job market.

Moving on

To relieve some of the pressre in redundancy situations, you need outplacement as part of your offer. Managers feel less guilty if they know their staff will get help. Colleagues are relieved to know their friends are being looked after. Everyone moves on quicker and gets focused back on the job.


Offering outplacement is ultimately about your brand. It shows a lot about the values of the organisation. It demonstrates you care and that your people aren’t disposable. You need outplacement like you need other employee benefits. It shows an holistic commitment to people – in tough times as well as good.

If, like us, you believe in looking after people who are facing redundancy we should be talking. Our services are a blend of great experience and outstanding value. If you’d like to chat let us know.