Why offering outplacement is more than just doing the right thing.


For many offering outplacement to those employees, they’re letting go is seen as the right thing to do. While there is no doubt that it is, it also makes sound business sense.

1. It reduces pain – redundancy, in whatever scenario is always a challenging time. Something that isn’t enjoyable for either party. Outplacement can help ease the pain for both sides. For those being let go, it gives them instant help and support, answers their questions and gives them a focus. For organisations it helps reduce the pressure on HR teams, they can focus on those that are remaining, safe in the knowledge that their departing staff are in good hands and getting the help they need to take the next step.

2. Protects your reputation – a reputation can be marred in a matter of moments; all it takes is a quick tweet or a negative Facebook post and the damage is done. Outplacement can help reduce any ill-feeling by departing employees and soften the blow, offering it sends a positive message about how you treat your people, even when you are letting staff go.

3. Helps maintain productivity and engagement – If it is a team or department facing redundancy it is often a lengthy process with most people needing to work until the end of the process, this could be three months or even six. That is a lot of time for office chatter to be about people’s struggles to find a new role or concerns about the future. This will all have a detrimental effect, not only on the work being produced by those going but also by the staff that are remaining. By taking away the worry and helping people find a job or assess their financial options, it will reduce the negative chatter and help to maintain the equilibrium. Also, those employees that are lucky enough to stay shouldn’t be forgotten. Seeing their friends and colleagues upset and often competing against them for a limited number of roles will have an effect. Seeing their colleagues being treated fairly and given the help they need, reinstates the respect and trust they had in you, as an employer.

4. Gets your exiting staff into work quicker –The expert help and guidance given by a career coach will help those leaving to focus their time and effort in finding a new role more effectively. Employees that are offered outplacement statistically find a new role 50% quicker than those that aren’t.


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