Having spent almost 30 years supporting individuals to achieve their career goals we’ve learned a thing or two about what shapes a decision to stay or leave an employer.

We’ve distilled literally thousands of conversations into a model that tells us there are eight key drivers of resignations. The big question being which ones are actually at play in your organisation?

With our expert exit interview service, we can help you get to the truth.

Leavers often simply want to get their notice period over as painlessly as possible. They worry that feedback might jeopardise their reference or damage relationships. It’s easier to say “more pay” rather than touch on more sensitive issues like management style or issues with colleagues or customers.

Using an external provider can encourage individuals to speak openly and frankly – in a way they may not feel able to do with their line manager or the HR team.

Why choose Chiumento?

  • Quality Interviewers –  All our exit interviews are conducted with care by our trained specialists who are expert interviewers. You’re guaranteed to have all interviews treated with the respect that it deserves.
  • Structure And Enquiry – We can give you a powerful blend of both qualitative and quantitative data, allowing you to see the areas of most concern and potential quick wins.
  • Technology – You’ll get access to real-time reporting that is available 24/7 via a mobile application. There will be no need to wait to find out the outcomes of your exit interviews!


To find out more just drop a note to info@chiumento.co.uk or give us a call on 0207 224 3307.