How the pandemic has changed looking for a job.

Corona has changed many aspects of our lives and sitting here typing away it’s hard to find one thing that hasn’t been impacted by it. However, as we are in the business of helping people with their careers, for us we’ve noticed the changes it has brought to the job-seeking process.   Increased resilience – Read more about How the pandemic has changed looking for a job.[…]


How to manage furloughed workers?

The further easing of restrictions is underway bringing many furloughed workers back to work. However, it isn’t back to normal for everyone as many sectors are still trading at below normal (pre-covid) levels and with their employees remaining furloughed. The scheme, originally planned to last a mere three months has now been in operation for Read more about How to manage furloughed workers?[…]

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Focus on mental health

There is no denying that the past year has changed the working life for many people. Working from home has gone from the exception to the norm, with many organisations now looking to introduce hybrid office/remote working practices.  I know many of those I talk to are hoping to retain an element of home working Read more about Focus on mental health[…]


The importance of looking after your mental health

We speak to those going through redundancy on a daily basis, a process that is often compared to a type of bereavement.  With feelings of loss, anger, sadness, confusion, and panic to name but a few.  Whether expected or sudden, redundancy can cause huge uncertainty, stress and anxiety, and can make existing mental health problems Read more about The importance of looking after your mental health[…]


Why it’s important to offer outplacement in a time of turmoil

While the furlough scheme has managed to protect over 11million jobs since the pandemic began, with 4.7 million workers on the scheme during January 2021 (1), it hasn’t been able to protect every job and many organisations have had to make the difficult decision to make redundancies. While there might be a reluctance to invest Read more about Why it’s important to offer outplacement in a time of turmoil[…]