Corporate Prisoners

The last decade has seen the war for talent at the centre of HR strategy. Now Chiumento believes the landscape has moved on. The realities of global recession have switched attention to the real core issue: performance.

Right now, organisations need to achieve optimum performance to survive. And, as growth returns, it will be high-performing organisations that will seize the initiative. They will be the most agile and adaptable to new market conditions. Able to increase output faster than they increase costs – particularly in terms of people.

The question we are increasingly being asked is: ‘when the time comes and I push the accelerator on my organisation, what will happen? Will I be driving a racing car or a horse and cart?’

In working with organisations to assess the true engagement and capability of their teams we have increasingly become aware of a group of employees that represents a true risk to organisational performance: ‘Corporate Prisoners’. These individuals create drag on organisational performance – yet often they are unrecognised and, more importantly, ignored.

To help clients recognise and address the challenges of Corporate Prisoners, Chiumento has developed a new way of thinking about individuals who threaten long-term organisational performance. At the same time, we have undertaken a piece of original research to establish how big the challenge is.

About the research Our survey covered 1,000 employees with established careers (five years or above) employed in office or professional environments. The research was conducted by independent research firm Opinion Matters using an online survey.

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