"Critical conversations are not inherently negative"

They can be as much about praising a star as addressing under-performers.

Full day course
Suitable for all people managers
Practical exercises

What is business judgement?

We all make hundreds of decisions on a daily basis. While what to have for breakfast is unlikely to affect anyone but you, business decisions can have a far reaching implications and significantly impact on an organisation's success.

Part of our management development programme, the Chiumento Academy this module will help leaders and managers make better decisions. Covering both theoretical and practical sessions, this course focusses on the key elements of decision making.  Where it can go wrong, how personality can affect an individual's approach to decision making and how to work with group dynamics.  Each delegate will receive a detailed Myers Briggs personality profile.  Which highlights their natural decision-making style, and the potential issues this may cause.

A practical session will follow, working in both groups and individually it will cover a range of real business scenarios. Giving delegates the chance to put their theoretical learnings into practice.  This course aims to arm delegates with the skills and knowledge needed for effective business judgement.

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