To email or not to email that is the question?

So is it best to email your CV to a recruiter or follow the recommended course of action?

It is no surprise that with the pace within modern businesses, companies and agencies use Candidate Management Systems or Applicant Tracking Systems when recruiting.  Most of those businesses therefore require candidates to apply via their system when seeing an advertised job on the job boards.

Chiumento is no exception, see a job you like and the application process takes you to a URL which in turn takes you straight to the job details.  We ask for a minimum amount of data (address and phone number), a CV and a cover letter as we are conscious of not making applying on-line an onerous or time consuming task!

Despite making this as easy as possible we still receive numerous calls about alternate ways to apply or express an interest, as well as many CVs sent direct by email to one of our Consultants (often it seems chosen at random from our website).

Some even think by-passing the consultancy team and emailing their CV to the CEO or Chairman helps their cause. In reality it often has the opposite effect. Their inboxes are even busier than ours and they both travel extensively.  All that happens is it takes slightly longer to get a reply asking you to apply on-line.

Here are the reasons why applying on-line is always the best policy…

  1. Submitting your CV via our on-line application system is secure and ensures your CV and personal data are protected. We take Data Protection very seriously and our on-line system is designed to ensure compliance with both legal requirements and Chiumento policies. Importantly we also need you to accept our on-line Data Protection statement.
  2. If you do email your CV our standard response will be to ask you to re-apply on line. So all you will be doing is slowing down the speed of your own application.
  3. Sending your CV by email also runs the risk of falling foul of our firewall and spam filters. We review these regularly but can never be 100% certain an email will get through as the “block lists” managed by third parties are updated daily. If your CV looks like it might contain a virus or you use an email service associated with bulk emails you may find your message to us gets blocked. Not much gets wrongly identified as spam but it can happen.
  4. Each of our Consultants receives a minimum of 100 emails per day so emailed CVs can easily be caught up amongst all sorts of other correspondence. If we are pushed for time our on-line application system is where we go first for CVs – not our mailboxes. You could miss out when timescales are tight if your CV isn’t in the system. By the time we find your email and ask you to re-apply on-line you could have missed the boat…
  5. You won’t hear about future opportunities if you do not apply on-line. We cannot easily search for key words, sectors, locations etc. through a CV on email. We can search on all of these things and more through our system.
  6. You may be perfect for a role handled by a colleague. Applying on-line means your details are immediately accessible to the whole team.
  7. If the consultant handling the assignment falls ill or has a few days holiday it doesn’t matter. If you’ve applied on line a colleague will be constantly monitoring new applications or track the progress of your job application.
  8. Correspondence is much quicker through the on-line system. You receive an immediate response to your application and are updated promptly as the assignment reaches shortlisting, regretting, interviewing and role closure stages.

So given all of this why would you still want to send a CV by email?  Perhaps you feel it will ensure your CV is seen? Or that it gives you the opportunity to stand out from the rest and make yourself known?  Well neither is true. All it does it make it harder for us to help you.

Our systems make us much more efficient and therefore release time for us to help candidates rather than process correspondence. They make you visible to the whole team – rather than “land locking” your CV in one person’s inbox. And help us get in touch with you fast if you are a good match to a role we are handling.

So please help us by applying on-line.

Lesley Colella
Resourcing Manager

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