Top 3 tips to survive when hiring decisions dry up


I’ve spoken to a number of senior execs over the last few weeks and they’ve all told me the same thing. Hiring decisions have slowed dramatically. Things seem to be following a typical pattern, during times of uncertainty things slow down. More than a year on and Brexit, in whatever form it takes, is with us. My view is that many of those roles that are currently on hold, will continue to be ‘under review’. Some will almost certainly disappear altogether. However, there is some positive light. I am seeing some key roles being filled. Often it’s on a fixed term or interim basis but, nevertheless, there are at least some great opportunities out there. The longer term future for jobs is less clear.

If things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like right now, here are my three top tips on what to do when hiring decisions dry up: 

  1. Stay focused and stick to the plan – before you start your job search you need to formulate a clear plan. Start with self-assessment and option appraisal, before moving on to your very own ‘marketing campaign’. And as with any marketing activity, you need absolute clarity on your proposition and your target market. Then you can focus on the most effective channels to use. Even in a difficult market, you should aim high and not be prepared to compromise too much too soon.  You’ll need patience, resilience and confidence to stick to the plan. Sometimes it can be difficult and frustrating which is why it’s important to find other things to maintain your energy levels and positive attitude. But when you have a plan you can create a routine, set goals and make positive progress.  
  1. Network, network, network – networking has never been more important or more likely to yield success. Speaking personally, when I was in transition in 2011 the three roles I was most interested in and got closest to landing (including this one) all came through my own networking efforts. So I can’t be more enthusiastic about the power and effectiveness of networking.  Make sure you have a networking strategy. That means knowing who you need to talk to and how they can help you. It also means much more than simply connecting on LinkedIn. It means proactive personal networking. Phone, e-mail, meetings and events will all be critical in your networking strategy. And don’t forget one of the golden rules of networking – it’s a reciprocal process. So be as giving with your time and advice as you hope others will be with you.  When you’re happy with your strategy, my advice is to absolutely pile your energy into it. I promise you it will pay dividends. 
  1. Make the most of your time – this may seem obvious but it’s so important for your spirit and general well-being. Do things you want to do. Things that you’ve been meaning to do. Have a few days away with a loved one. Catch up with a friend or get a few more rounds of golf or games of tennis under your belt.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is in some way productive with an end result that you will be pleased with. It’s important to get some balance, especially if the job search is proving frustrating. By making the most of your time, you will be more energised and much more inclined to stay positive which in turn, will have a positive impact of your job search. 

‘When hiring decisions dry up’ was written by Mike Burgneay, MD Chiumento Consulting. If you like what you’ve read why not follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and read all our future advice and musings on the world of work.

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